Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to the Principles of Power

I'm sure some of you have read my blogs already, and I hope you are coming here with an open mind and heart and ready to learn about the laws of power.  I will do my best to make each post interesting, informative, and applicable to your everyday life.

I will draw my information from many sources, mainly from some of my favourite books like: Nicco Machiavelli's " The Prince, " as well as Robert Greene's  "48 Laws of Power"

The goal of this blog is to study the laws of power and how they govern all aspects of life, whether it be playing World of Warcraft, trying out for the Basketball team, and basically anything you can imagine.  Now you might think that power is "evil" or "manipulative," but the truth of the fact is that we all cannot live without establishing a power base, and history has shown this repeatedly.

I will also use examples from Ancient history from many different civilizations in the past including our own modern era, and perhaps dicussions that may lead into the future.

The flow of power is constantly changing around us and if we learn to apply the principles, we can improve our lives, overcome our problems, and create an environment which we can truly love and enjoy.

We all feel powerless at some times in our lives, yet it is undeniable that each and every single one of us has potential to succeed in some aspects of our lives, and realizing our own power is the key to unlocking the paths in which we desire to tread upon.


August said... this was actually a very interesting read. Like seriously...this is awesome

ChaosReaper said...

^ What August said. It's pretty rare that you come across original stuff like this

deviants0ul said...

Very cool blog concept man... Look forward to updates as always :D

nubilus said...

Very interesting idea, looking forward to contributing to discussion

armaman said...

hmmmmm creepy stuff, keep it up!

JRam said...

Is that some 7 Samurai?!?!!?

Ernesto Mengueche said...

Holy crap, this is definitely the most interesting read I've come across here. Amazing content man, definitely looking forward to reading more of your stuff.