Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rule #10: Infection - Avoid the Unhappy and the Unlucky


Hey bloggers, i'm back to write a post on this blog after a long hiatus.  As you may have already known, I ran into a bit of a trouble spot with Google in regards to some of the content I was posting, which led to my account being temporarily disabled, and then further investigated for "invalid activity."  Although I have appealed a few times, it does not seem like I will get a chance to recoup on this blogger platform so I will likely be working on different projects in the next few months, and I will hopefully be able to transfer all of these posts onto a different website in the near future, and continue updating with interesting and thought-provoking posts.

In any case, I still enjoy writing various posts on my different blogs and if your still around and manage to read this, i'll do my best to continue to improve and write good content

I N F E C T I O N  -  A V O I D   T H E   U N H A P P Y   
A N D   T H E   U N L U C K Y 


"You can die from someone else's misery - emotional states are as infectious as diseases.  You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster.  The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you.  Associate with the happy and fortunate instead."

Though I have lived only for a short time, the importance of this law of power is definitely one that cannot be underestimated and should be carefully considered when speculating about what you should do in a delicate situation where someone is going to be hurt, maimed, or directly cut off in some way or form.  Lovers are torn apart each day, family feuds spout hatred, scorn, and misery, and friends turn to foe after betrayal, deception, and irresponsibility.  Would it not be great if we had the power to raise them all up and make them see the errors of their ways, understand the patterns that keep them from replicating the actions that we (and others) want to see so ardently changed?

Bad Luck - Funny Picture

Of course there are people that we know that have suffered from tragic accidents or misfortunes that were beyond their control, and I am in no way condoning the abandonment of these people since in most cases they deserve all the help and support from their loved ones and friends.  In an ideal world everyone would fall under this category, but instead there are the "dregs of society", the 'infected' people who draw it upon themselves by their self-destructive actions, habits, and mindsets which produce that unsettling effect on others..... We try to understand these actions, habits, and mindsets, the patterns of destruction and misery that end up getting inside and changing us instead....

The Sad Truth

At this point you might be thinking to yourself: "I haven't been changed, I am my own person and if I try and help or support my friends who are in need, I won't be changed, I am me."  Think again, now more clearly, about who you really are, and how much of what you do, say, and think are influenced directly by another person whether or not it is a positive or negative thing.  Human beings are controlled by moods, emotions, and the ways of thinking by those with whom they spend their time with.  We all make mistakes at times and feel a burning regret that makes us want to reform and change, however many people fail to realize that one often wears a mask that harbors that regret, but it can just as easily be removed, discarded, and soon forgotten.  What is to be gained by pretending to be sorrowful and just as easily casting it aside?  Most people like this try their hardest to present themselves as victims, carefully twisting their stories, actions, and habits to hide the fact that they are actually self-inflicted.

Self-inflicted pain can become addictive, and passing on the unhappiness, the unluckiness, and spreading the infection becomes subliminally programmed into the minds of those who cannot do any more for themselves.  The reason is because they have characters and emotions that are so intensely powerful that they draw awe and inspire wonderment, fear, and torrents of emotions that people would rather feel opposed to the emptiness that comes from loneliness, boredom, or restlessness.  The downside is that before you understand and see the true nature of their problems, you have already been infected by them....

There is definitely a grower cancer in this world, not just within our bodies, but also in our minds and the way we treat each other when it comes to the bare basics: Decency, respect, and tolerance.  There are those around us, that no matter how foolish their actions, or how sick, perverted, and deluded they become, we can never bare to leave because they are too close to our minds and permanently rooted to the pit of our souls.  Just remember that carrying the weight of the sins of others is a tremendous burden on oneself, and can result in early death due to the unbearable strain and fallacy of your efforts.

Final Word

Playing the game of power can be difficult and hard to bare alone, but that difficult will be multiplied exponentially by adding the misery and unluckiness of those around you.  Who you group yourself with in your limited time on this earth is critical since associating yourself with the "wrong" people will end up with you wasting all of your time and efforts to break free from the chains that will invariably bind you to pain and suffering.

Image: A Virus.  Unseen, it
"How can you protect yourself against such insidious virtues?  The answer lies in judging
enters your pores without 
people on the effects they have on the world and no on the reasons they give for their
warning, spreading silently and 
problems.  Infectors can be recognized by the misfortune they draw on themselves, their
slowly.  Before you are aware of 
turbulent past, their long line of broken relationships, their unstable careers, and the very
the infection, it is deep inside you 
force of their character, which sweeps you up and makes you lose reason.  Be forewarned by these signs of an infector; learn to see the discontent in their eye.  Most important of all, do not take pity.  Do not enmesh yourself in trying to help.  The infector will remain unchanged, but you will be unhinged"

I strongly believe that there is a possibility in everyone to stimulate the changes within themselves to lead happy lives, but only a small percentage of those people have the strength, grit, tenacity, and determination to see things through even if all their attempts lead to a bitter end.  Try to meet genuinely cheerful and happy people with depth and intelligence, and they will bring you towards a prosperous future filled with unlimited possibilities.

"Authority: Recognize the fortunate so that you may choose their company, and the unfortunate so that you may avoid them.  Misfortune is usually the crime of folly, and among those who suffer from it there is no malady more contagious; Never open your door to the least of misfortunes, for, if you do, many others will follow in its train...  Do not die of another's misery."

Baltasar Gracian, 1601 - 1658

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, its the longest i've written in a while...  Look forward to more posts in the near future as I continue to promote my current blogs, quite possibly moving them to one website, and hopefully working on other projects that will keep my busy (and hopefully make some $...)

On a closing note, i'm pretty sure some people who read this will feel dejected and think, "Goddamn, am I really a virus and a dredge upon society and my friends...?"  Well.... The choice is up to you, solving your problems and changing your bad habits isn't something that happens over night.  I would not go on a leap of faith and say that, "Yes, you will become a good person and be happy one day," since I might be wrong... All I can say is choose the path you walk down carefully and be especially diligent when it comes to handling your personal relationships with others.  Smokers know they bother people with their second hand smoke, yet they continue to do so while ignoring the potential cancerous effects.  If you choose to do something that harms yourself, at least keep it within yourself or seek help from within your family or friends or consult a professional, and don't spread it to others.  In the long run, if your reading this you are likely a young man or woman, and there is plenty of time to reanalyze your long term goals and become a benefit to those around you and not a burden.

- Rad

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rule #9: Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I wrote a post on one of the laws of power, so i'm going to write one now, do some of my blog reading and comment answering, and rest up tonight.

Make sure to check out my financial blog and my awesome blog, just updated both of them not too long ago. Glad to read all the great comments, and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and opinions.  Please feel free to criticize, praise, or completely overturn some of the things I say.  We all learn by testing each others thoughts and opinions, and become more powerful from it.

W I N   T H R O U G H   Y O U R   A C T I O N S ,
N E V E R   T H R O U G H   A R G U E M E N T

"Any momentary triumph you think you have gained through argument is really a Pyrrhic victory: The resentment and ill will you stir up is stronger and lasts longer than any momentary change of opinion.  It is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word.  Demonstrate, do not explicate"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daniel Tammet - The Boy With The Incredible Brain

Hey everyone please watch this if you have not already, if your busy, come back here and watch it when you have around an hour to spare.  This is really good stuff, and I wouldn't be posting it if it wasn't.  Anyways, I look forward to reading a tonne of blogs tomorrow, enjoy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Power of Words

Hey everyone, writing this post a little differently than usual, focusing today on the Power of Words which is going to be completely written by myself

Thanks for the comments on my last posts, and I mentioned this before, but expect some surprises in this blog in the near future.  Wouldn't want you all to get bored and used to what i'm writing about anyways.  My goal is to to keep it interesting day in and day out, also feel free to leave any feedback that you wish.  Hope you enjoy this post, keep updated, the next topics i'm going to be blogging about are going to be quite interesting.  Make sure you keep tuned in so that you don't miss out!


Words are how most of us communicate in this world, and even if we have a great personality, good body language, and a lot of energy, we can create great misfortune upon ourselves depending on what words we choose in our everyday lives.

I bet you know of someone, maybe your friend, neighbor, or parents, who are constantly saying things like: "It's too expensive, i'll never be able to afford it," or perhaps "It's too difficult, I won't even bother trying."  When you think about it, we say A LOT of things everyday that affect the way we think, the way we feel about things, and the way we react to other people and base our decisions upon.

Whenever we speak, the words are etched deep into our own minds, and also into the minds of the people that hear our message.  Over time, patterns are created and good or bad habits can be formed and sometimes, we get used to the words that we repeat over and over again.  This is not always a good or happy thing. 

Imagine a friend that you have known for a long time, whenever you see him or her, you can already probably predict what will come out of their mouth judging by their body language and expressions.  It is easy to continue to use negative words in our everyday speech, but the main goal of power is to try and always use and think of words that will create a positive impact on yourself and others, and keep your energy, chi, or whatever you want to call it, balanced.